Monday, April 09, 2007

Beijing Haidian Christian Church

This picture exposes how poor the zoom lens is on my camera but I think you'll get the idea. On a recent trip to China I snapped this picture on Palm Sunday 2007 of the brand new Beijing Haidian Christian Church which appears to almost be completed. The Haidian neighborhood is in nortwestern Beijing, not too far from the Summer Palace. How wonderful that my Christian brothers and sisters in China can obtain property, get all the necessary government approvals, hire building contractors, and build such a bold and beautiful place of worship.

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Anonymous said...

thanks. but what happened to the Chinese words on the church top? Could this be government's order that reminds me the old signs outisde the guided gates of foreign colonies in Shanghai "no Chinese allowed". Perhaps the government really is reluctant to have average Chinese know it is an approved Christian church that are open to Chinese, in other words, government does not want to be known it has actuall apporved the church's existence. Christ is cross cultural and transforming culture. 既然教堂顶端有文字,只有英文,怎么没有汉字?我看了很失望。但是,如果大家呼吁,也许我们可以捐钱让汉子也出现在顶端,以便彰显耶稣是全世界所有人的主,不是洋文化,是本土的。